The Riley, Texan charm meets relaxed comfort and upscale amenities. Custom leather reception desks and statement chandeliers greet you upon arrival. The Uber lounge features plush banquette seating in moody colors, while the main amenity space offers cozy lounge areas and an on-site wine bar. Throughout, vibrant pops of color and natural materials add life to the space. Various workstations promote productivity and community.

Designed in collaboration with Ink+Oro

The Riley-Luxury Apartment Homes

in burleson, TX

Eastbridge Apartments on Knox/Henderson

We gave this multi-family space a fresh makeover, breaking away from the standard apartment lobby vibe. By adding breeze blocks, we created a cozy co-working lounge area with warm and inviting aesthetics. We infused fun and vibrant colors into the design, making the space pop. The main street entry was brightened up to welcome new residents with open arms. And because it's a pet-friendly place, we added playful touches like dog-themed wallcoverings in the bathrooms.

Vintage rugs adorn the office walls for unique soundproofing, paired with a custom burlwood table and vibrant wall color. In the communal kitchen, a stunning marble slab island, integrated work station, and sleek linear lighting create a standout space. Custom details shine, from thoughtful ceiling designs to inspiring material and furniture selections. The finishing touches with accessories and art truly bring this project to life, infusing iconic pieces like the De Sede snake sofa, harmoniously blending aesthetics, function, and brand identity. We crafted a bespoke podcasting haven, designing a cozy and inviting atmosphere around a custom upholstered banquette, fostering creativity in a space that reflects personality and style.

HBHQ Office + Podcast Studio

AMLI at the Ballpark

AMLI At The Ballpark in Frisco, where contemporary refinement meets a strong sense of community.
Our renovation prioritizes camaraderie, masculine accents, and elevated sophistication, creating a space that fosters shared experiences. From the revitalized leasing center with stadium-inspired ceiling details to the captivating view of Rough Rider Stadium in the closing room, each facet reflects our dedication to forging connections.
The reconfigured clubhouse deck accommodates both expansive gatherings and intimate moments, offering a dynamic living experience that seamlessly blends luxury with a communal ethos. 

In this dual-branded Marriott hotel located in Paris, Texas, we've crafted an environment that blends Marriott's signature style with a dash of Parisian flair. Our lobby is a testament to this fusion, where modern sophistication meets unique charm. You'll notice intriguing materials and a vintage rug that adds layers to the ambiance, creating a Parisian vibe that stands out. Our design is more than aesthetics; it's an invitation to engage with the space. Durable finishes ensure every moment here is delightful, whether you're starting your day with breakfast or ending it with a nightcap. 

Marriott Dual Brand Hotel

Cobb Hill Apartments

This project beautifully merges modern technology with classic elegance. Our renovation prioritized community, creating spaces for both shared moments and private retreats. Our clubhouse now features a communal area, complete with an innovative i-pourit beer and wine experience, ideal for work and play. Whether you're enjoying a game of ping pong, sipping coffee or beer, or holding a Zoom meeting in our private workspaces, there's a place for you. Our fitness area embodies a sense of simplistic sophistication, promoting a healthy lifestyle in a stylish environment. Beyond the clubhouse, we've breathed fresh, light, and bright life into every unit within this multi-family complex.

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