We embarked on a journey to craft a modern Nordic haven in the picturesque hills of Broken Bow, sketching our vision to life. This cabin, the second for our client, allowed us to elevate the vacation rental experience with a unique floorplan enriched by modern geometry. We've carefully built a cozy retreat that harmonizes with the outdoors, from the ground up, fusing architecture and interiors with nature as our muse. The use of natural materials and a sleek, yet welcoming touch, resulted in a sanctuary where contemporary comfort coexists seamlessly with the serene beauty of nature.

Modern Nordic Cabin

Eclectic Contemporary

Explore a home where classic elegance and modern style harmoniously coexist. Iron and glass elements combine both form and function, while a neutral palette serves as the canvas for subtle yet inviting pops of color. Wainscotting and fun wallpaper infuse character, and abundant natural light fills the space celebrating the beauty of natural elements. Thoughtfully selected furnishings add to the overall ambiance, creating a soft and romantic atmosphere throughout. A distinctive hood design stands as a unique centerpiece, radiating warmth and charm. This is a space where classic and modern aesthetics seamlessly come together.

Elevating modern living for everyday families, we've created a luxurious yet attainable space. Our design combines sleek, defined areas with warm, inviting materials. We've paid special attention to the main entry, ensuring it welcomes guests into an entertainment-focused home with a private primary suite retreat for those moments of relaxation and escape.

Midway Hollow New Build

C-Street Renovation

Located on a well-known Dallas street, this project saw a transformation from 1,200 to 4,500 sq.ft, perfectly suiting a family of five. We preserved the existing brick to retain the home's history while giving it a fresh, expansive feel. Our central focus was on creating a seamless connection to the outdoors and crafting a bridge to the second-floor primary suite.

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